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Special cancellations

Sesquicentennial of the birth of Werner Zoege von Manteuffel, surgeon

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Date: 06.07.2007
Designer: Margus Nõmm
PO Office: Väike-Maarja

Werner Zoege von Manteuffel was born on 13 July 1857 in the family of the Määri squire in Norteastern Estonia. He graduated from the Medical Faculty of Tartu University in 1885 and defended his doctor’s thesis the next year. Werner Zoege von Mannteuffel achieved an international reputation in his profession. Among other things he advocated the use of sterilised rubber gloves, an innovation that soon spread around the world among the surgical profession after he published an article on their use in 1897. In 1905 he became full Professor of Surgery at the University and despite is Baltic-German descent served as life doctor for the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. He took part in the Russo-Japanese war as head of the medical detachment of the Russian Red Cross, and served as consultant-general for the Russian Northwestern Army in World War One. When the Estonian War of Independence broke out, he enrolled as a volunteer at the Tallinn Military Hospital, organising treatment of the wounded and the sick both in the rear and behind the lines. In 1921 Werner Zoege von Mannteuffel was promoted to the rank of Major General and became an organiser of Estonian military medical personnel after the war. Due to his outstanding services Werner Zoege von Mannteuffel was awarded the Estonian Cross of Liberty, but he also had numerous Russian and other decorations. He died in Tallinn on 14 March 1926.

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