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Ristna and Kõpu Lighthouses/ 186-01-2000

Price: 0.46
Date: 25.02.2000
Designer: Roman Matkiewicz
Quantity issued: 1 014 720
Sheets: 8 x 6
Perforation: 14 : 13 3/4
Print: ofset
Printing house: AS Vaba Maa

There are two important lighthouses on the Kõpu Peninsula of Estonia's western Hiiumaa Island. The Ristna lighthouse, a structure of two concentric metal cylinders connected with a winding stairway, was put up at the westernmost tip of the peninsula in 1874. In 1920, the lower part of the lighthouse was encased in concrete up to the service level, so now the 30-m lighthouse can be described as a reinforced concrete structure. It is located at 58o 56,40' N and 22o 03,31' E. About 9 km east of Ristna stands Kõpu lighthouse, the oldest in Estonia. Its history goes back to 1500 when the Tallinn Town Council was granted permission by the bishop of Oesel- Wiek (governing the territory of the present counties of Saare, Hiiu and Lääne) to erect a lighthouse at the highest place of the peninsula, rising to 68 above sea level. The lighthouse was completed in 1531. The lighthouse, a whitewashed square structure with massive buttresses at each of its sides, stands about 37 m from the ground, with the light on its red balcony flashing at 103 m from sea level. The coordinates of the Kõpu lighthouse are: 58o 54,96' N and 22o 11,98' E.

FDC - Price: 13.20